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Thanks again and will do!
Why are there so many 54-56 convertibles with missing back seats?
That is another good place to check, as well as French Lake auto parts. DVP's web site indicates they have your year and model in stock as a parts car but you would have to call to check for actual part availability. There is a place selling parts off of a '56 SDV on Ebay. I know this seller and believe he has the parts car. You could contact him and ask if he has that trim piece. Clay
This spring it will be time to get my Series 62 street legal and rolling. I am missing the back seat which i can get manufactured here in Sweden, but i also miss the piece of sheet metal that supports the back rest. It has been removed at some point in time. It seems like a quite simple piece of metal that i could make myself and surely i could make something that works just by "improvising" but i am not building a hot rod... So my question is if someone on the forum have a convertible that is being worked on or will be during this spring and could take some measurements and pictures for me? Width height and measurements of the cut-outs, pictures wold be nice also.
Of course if anyone is scrapping an old convertible and would sell me the part....well i guess that is a long shot :D
Try Desert Valley Auto.  800 905-8024 or  Got some parts for my '56  from their yard in Casa Grande Az.

Good luck,
You're right, it's a one year, one model type part. Exactly the kind I wanted to come up missing!
Close but no cigar. I knew I had one of those but alas its for a Fleetwood. Picture included just so you dont end up buying the wrong one.
Could anyone mention a few bone yards where there might still be some 56 Sedan DeVille's there?
My sources have all come up with nothing so far. Beginning to be a bit concerned. Thanks
Wanted Parts and Cars / Re: 1962 dipstic
« Last post by russ austin on February 20, 2019, 07:29:02 AM »
ebay from a trusted seller.
Mid Century Cadillac Discussion / Re: What are the best midcentury cadillac movies?
« Last post by Lexi on February 19, 2019, 11:20:13 PM »
Binging on 1950's sci-fi "BEM" movies lately, (Bug Eyed Monster films). In the iconic THEM, (1954),  thought I saw a 1948 Cadillac convertible drive by, based on what looked like those horizontal bars under the tail lights. If I did not see that correctly, then peg it at a circa '50 Caddy convertible. Also looked like a late '40s Fleetwood on the street. In THE TINGLER, (1959), there are a couple of shots of a parked '59 Caddy. THE BLACK SCORPION, (1957), has a couple of shots of what looks like a circa 1950 Series 75 driven by a Chauffeur in uniform. Clay/Lexi
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