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1956 Tail Light lock
« on: January 14, 2018, 02:48:09 PM »
I need assistance from members regarding an after market Cadillac accessory from the 1950s. A company manufactured cylinder locks that took the place of the 'push button' OEM reflector, for the left rear tail light assembly. Does anyone have any information on them such as details on how they were installed, original instructions (that would be great) and/or tips as to how to proceed? For example were they 'plug and play' or was some permanent modification of the tail light mount required? I seem to recall different models being available with some perhaps even being made for vehicles other than Cadillac. Any help appreciated as there are a couple of us up here that are interested. Any information on what would fit a 1956 Cadillac tail light assembly is required. Anyone know where there is one for sale? Thanks for any assistance provided. Clay/Lexi

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Re: 1956 Tail Light lock
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That sounds like something one would find in a J.C Whitney catalog back then. Try hunting down a catalog. Maybe you can find an ad for it. That would give you a manufacture name which will help your search.

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Re: 1956 Tail Light lock
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Excellent suggestion Lou. I did check a couple of old Whitney catalogs and did not see it, though perhaps they were not old enough, (circa 1970 issues). It does seem like the sort of thing you would see in their catalogs though. I was hoping that someone who had one installed could chime in and provide additional details. My search continues. Clay/Lexi

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Re: 1956 Tail Light lock
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I have one somewhere in the garage stash of boxes just need to dig it up and take a picture.  :(

The one I have replaces the center reflector and locks the tail light, you still have to press it to release the tail light.

Weather allows after the cold front tomorrow Iíll try to find it and take a few shoots. 
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Re: 1956 Tail Light lock
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Jose that would be fantastic. An image of the instructions, if there, would also be wonderful. Yes, the entire center reflector, spring and slot headed bolt latch assembly are replaced by the lock. Do you remember how the lock cylinder was secured inside the tail light reflector tube? Thought a modification was necessary. There were different models, (perhaps 3 or 4 that I am aware of), and want to make sure I find the correct one. Clay/Lexi