Author Topic: More on those pesky 61 fog light lenses  (Read 411 times)

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More on those pesky 61 fog light lenses
« on: November 09, 2017, 08:15:00 PM »
Ok, we got another 61 here in my shop (a 61 limo with divider window which will soon be for sale) and I compared the parking lights on his car to the ones on my 61 biarritz and found that his lenses are quite different from mine.  The standard lens on his car is clear/white and is held in by a steel/chromed ring and there is one bulb...1157, I think.  The set up on my car is obviously the fog light set up.  The lens is amber and bigger in diameter than the standard one on the limo and there are two bulbs (one is large like the fog bulbs on a 55).  Also the retainer appears to be chromed pot metal and is more crown shaped than the rounded pressed metal on on the limo.  So, I'm still in the hunt for the correct fog lamp lenses.  I think OPGI may have reproductions for sale.  Also, these lenses have a hole in the middle where chromed "bullet" threaded stud goes.  Any suggestions for a source would help.  I'd like to make this car as correct as possible.
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Re: More on those pesky 61 fog light lenses
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Several dealers have the lenses ..opgi has the better quality  lenses and also sell the chrome bullet. There lenses also have the gm logo on them.These would be as original to the car as you can get.Show quality.

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Re: More on those pesky 61 fog light lenses
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Thanks.  That's where I went for them, but I haven't seen 'em yet.  Sure were expensive for the two lenses and the two "bullets,"  but I don't think many cars had the fog light option in 61.  Now I'm looking for those screw covers that go in the door handles.  Two per side and I think they were only on the Eldos and maybe the Fleetwoods.
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