Author Topic: Cool Video on Casting a New Steering Wheel  (Read 367 times)

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Cool Video on Casting a New Steering Wheel
« on: November 15, 2017, 05:51:49 PM »
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Re: Cool Video on Casting a New Steering Wheel
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Great video but they skipped a few steps. The product they used looked a lot like an early RTV silicone that I think GE first developed as an insulator for outside electrical connectors. It was known as RTV 664 and was a platinum cure 2 part system that was also recommended for high volume industrial urethane and epoxy castings. It was more stiff yet still somewhat flexible compared to other brands available at the time. Due to it's stiffness it was fantastic in holding it's shape and I could see it being used to cast automotive steering wheels, (even if that was not the product used in the video). Think I still have some of those old molds kicking around here. Their vacuum chamber looks a lot like the one I built and if you look closely you can see the mixed material froth in height due to industrial high vacuum being applied to remove air. That GE silicone was thick and degassing a definite necessity. It was also quite expensive. My records show a 44 pound pail having cost $700 (Canadian) 32 years ago. Then you have to buy the casting material, such as a black epoxy I would imagine. Cheaper than the 664 but still a factor in the overall expense. Other sundry items such as separators and plasticine and wood also factor in. While the cost of steering wheel restoration can be quite high, doing it this way at least shows part of the process and justifies to a significant degree the expense. Not shown, was that they may have had the wooden mold/jig set up on a vibrator to shake the air loose to escape at the top through a vent stack/sprue, lest they take their chances with entrapped air bells. Clay/Lexi
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Re: Cool Video on Casting a New Steering Wheel
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Interesting...Not very different than the way I did tires for my 1:12 scale models!