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Had a great moment happen for me and my 61 Cadillac on Wednesday with the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremonies, I drove on the sand stage (a Beach Scene) towing a Woody Caravan with the Musical Instruments for the QLD Symphony Orchestra, had to pump my rear airbags up high to clear the ramp to get on stage at the Metricom Stadium at the Gold Coast Australia, with a capacity 35,000 people watching at the stadium, and another 1.5 Billion people from around the world watching it on TV, I was nervous and hoping everything worked ok, drove in pitch black area up towards the stage ramp, then have around 700 cast members clear out of the way so I could drive into position, there I stayed until all the 4500 Commonwealth Atheltes enetered the stadium (around 45 minutes) before I drove off again.
Was an experience of a lifetime, and one I soon won't forget shared the experience with some car club buddies from our car Club Kustoms of Australia and their Ford, Holden, Toyota and Chevy Utes, and some ask why did they use my Cadillac, well they loved the look of it with the Woody Caravan behind my Caddy and more importantly I had a tow bar, not many classic cars have this, plus the airbags that gave me the clearance for getting over those ramps.
The pictures below show my position on stage and in the background halfway up where the white sign saying 'Gold Coast 2018' is under that sign is the Royals Prince Charles & Camilla, The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull our QLD Premier and many other VIP's, the actors on stage to the right were doing a towel dance while the QLD Symphony Orchestra collected their instruments from the Woody Caravan and in the mean time, the towel dance to the right was all over the news afterwards with one of the volunteer actors accidently showed their bum on live TV to the world, poor girl.
While waiting out the back of the stadium in our secured area with our cars, within a couple of meters and no other police security the motorcade with the Royals and Prime Minister and QLD Premier drove slowly past us and waved as they did, funny what how you see people sometimes.
The last photo shows a shot from the stands facing the only non-roof stand with 6,000 people there and 10 minutes before the show we had a Torrential Rainstorm, so there would have been many wet people sitting there watching the show for 3 hours.

Regards Milton Watkins aka CaddyDaddy
aka CaddyDaddy
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What an amazing once in a lifetime experience - simply speechless!

Oh, and that car looks gorgeous
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That's incredible Milt. What an amazing experience.
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What a wonderful and exciting experience.  Thank you for sharing in words and photos!

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once again,you are THE man
fantastic experience and the caddy looks amazing
if only your car could talk about all the adventures it has had under your ownership!
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