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1955 Cadillac Generator Pulleys
« on: August 04, 2018, 06:20:04 AM »
Im trying to determine if the generator pulley on my 1955 Fleetwood 60S is original.  The car has AC so has double v-belts that engage both the generator and the AC compressor.  The O.D. of the pulleys on the generator are 3 and there is an integral flange between the pulley and the generator fan that nearly covers the fan.  The generator fan is separate from the pulley.  The Master Parts Book suggests that this type pulley for the AC cars was used from 1953-1956, and that the non-AC cars apparently have the pulley attached to the fan.  So, can anyone tell me if this is the stock type of generator pulley?  And, does anyone have one to sell?  Kid like to have an extra one.  Thanks.

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Re: 1955 Cadillac Generator Pulleys
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Your description sounds accurate. Here is a picture of the pulley on my old Fleetwood and a picture of a 56 Eldorado setup. Same pulley on both.

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Re: 1955 Cadillac Generator Pulleys
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Thanks, Lou.  Those are great photos!