Author Topic: 1954 55 56 caddy fact air  (Read 344 times)

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1954 55 56 caddy fact air
« on: February 28, 2017, 04:06:51 PM »
I have a complete and I mean complete fact air system for the 54 55 56 cad.I took the system out of a 54 Fleetwood
Includes ceiling ductwork and headliner bows.Even the idol compensator.
Looking for 1500.00 for the complete system

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Re: 1954 55 56 caddy fact air
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Hi Jack,

Each year has some differences. 1954 has a different compressor, hoses and condenser. Will it work? Yes but it won't be correct. If it has ceiling duct work then the setup is for a Sedan post car. Coupes had vents on the rear deck. The idle control depends on the carb. Cadillacs came with Rochester and Carters in each year.