Author Topic: selling both my series 62 1962 convertible and 1966 deville convertible  (Read 652 times)

Offline StanThomas

I lost my storage space on my cars and I just decided to go ahead and sell my cars. The 62 has 53k original miles, and was stored for 30 years by the second owner. It's white,maroon interior,black top. Looks like it has an older repaint on it but the car is very clean. The 66 is mist blue,white interior and white top.It's a solid car with 75k original miles. I have had it for 6 or 7 years and it drives like it should. It is very original.

Neither are air conditioned but have electric,windows,seats,power tops,etc. I'm asking 32k for the 1962 and 14.5k for the 1966. If someone wanted both, I would make a package deal. I will send you pics, answer questions, is and phone is 423-765-8947