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I've got a push rod/ lifter issue here too. Motor that was sent to me by a customer (from his customer) :
I've got a 1956 365 motor.(block number 1463376)  I pulled the valve covers and have two different head casting numbers.
Left - 1465406-7
Right - 1462983-4
I also noticed the push rods and the lifters are different as are the rocker arms
Left head has solid push rods and no oil holes in the rocker arms and are 9 3/4" long
Right head has hollow rods, oil holes in the rockers and are 9 1/2" long.

My question??  Can I run these two sets of rockers together and if so, would they run 9 3/4" rods?
I understand Cadillac made two different motors in 1956 with possibly two different cams??
Are the heads compatible? 
Thank you in advance.  Hugh

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Re: Pushrods 365
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Your block and heads are correct for 1956. The lifters shown in your picture look to be from 1957 "new type". See pic below.

I saved all of the internal parts from my 1956 engine after the rebuild. The original lifters look like the "old type" in the diagram below. I also measured the original rods. They are 9 3/4 long. It is starting to look like someone mixed in 1957 valve train parts into your engine.

For the sake of record keeping, there was only one 1956 engine block, push rod and lifter. There was an early and late head and cam.
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Re: Pushrods 365
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I would recommend you use the same lifters and push rods and rocker arms on both sides.  This will ensure a matched valve geometry and more even running of the engine.  Besides, the rocker arm ratio of the replacement ones may not be the same.
Good luck, Larry 
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