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1956 eldorado engine
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Gentlemen, I am new to the forum, have owned a 1956 365 engine , factory 2-4's and bat wing air cleaner for many years. Always thought that the engine was probably from one car and the rest from another, never checked numbers on engine till today. The numbers on the back of the engine is 7x-208 meaning it is in fact a 305 motor w/o air. Is there a way to trace what car it came out of ??? Have had intake and carbs restored, engine is apart, and totally std bore, crank std, with no wear, engine was like new inside, in fact had not been run after a rebuild, just sitting for many years.

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Re: 1956 eldorado engine
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Oval55oval  If you look on the left side of the enjine you will find a serial no# . Just above the oil pan toward the front.You may have too clean it off if it has a lot of paint on it to find it.That will be the same no# that the car was and go from there.Alot of clubs have history on caddy no# .That enjine most likely came out of an Eldorado .

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Re: 1956 eldorado engine
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If you give us the serial number stamped on the front of the engine we may be able to narrow it down some. The 7X-208 is an early build engine. This means you have the early style 1956 heads. See attached pic to note the location of the serial number
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