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flood cars
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Hello Members  I have noticed on the internet there are a influx of collector cars at prices or conditions that might be questionable . I would think that some are coming from fla/or ga/ that might have been in a flooded area ,One member found a 55 cdv conv for 20.000 includes shipping in great condition from fla/????? Are scammers coming out of the woodwork and try to pawn off flooded cars that are supposed too be nice but will need total frame off restoration if even possible? I have heard that some of these cars are being shipped to other states to avoid close inspections of flood damage .This was a great tragedy for the people in those areas who lost everything and it is sad that there will be some that will try to take advantage of other peoples misfortune ,  This will not be good for the car hobby. Have any other members come across the same findings?

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Re: flood cars
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We went thru this when Sandy hit the NY metro area. Many cars were lost but not all were in the flood just because of the state they came from, or even the same town. For example, when Sandy hit. The coastal part of my town was flooded out. In some spots had as much as ten feet of salt water. In the northern part of my town which is away from the coast, we were dry as could be. Same zip code and everything. Point is, if you find a car you are interested in, it is always important to consider all factors. Asked for proof of where that car was stored. Check and see the address on the FEMA or for news articles to see if it did flood.

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