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JV Restorations Speaker and Radio Repair
« on: April 03, 2018, 05:58:27 PM »
Hello all,
              I needed the rear speaker for my 55 Fleetwood repaired I tried repairing it myself but it still sounded terrible. I wanted to keep the original speaker if feasible. I emailed Joe at JV Restorations and he responded within 12 hours considering the time difference between Wisconsin and California I thought this was quite good. I sent him the speaker and within ten days I had the speaker. It looks and sounds great it even has the original terminal. The cost was $75.00 which included return shipping you have to pay to get it there. I used paypal but he also takes credit cards over the phone. He responded to my emails and told me when it shipped. They also repair radios. So don't throw those old speakers out they can be repaired. I highly recommend them so check them out at

Keep Cruzin,

Bob Kielar
Bob K
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