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New Exhaust
« on: May 31, 2016, 05:32:01 PM »
Finally, my new exhaust system just landed. I can't wait to install it. It's the one thing on my car that has been a disappointment since I completed the restoration. The exhaust system on the car now is from Classic Exhaust. It's been loud on the passenger side since day one and I never liked the overall workmanship. One of the flanges barely overlaps the mount bracket where the pipe meets the manifold. After talking to a few people, I have heard similar stories. So I said screw them and ordered this set up from Waldron's. I can tell right away this setup has much better workmanship. First off every part is marked with the location, inlet and outlet side. The flanges are twice as thick as the Classic setup. I'll bet the mufflers are whisper quiet as well.

I'll be posting comparison pictures of both setups as I go. I also plan on cutting open the old mufflers, I'll bet there is little to no baffling in the Classic set.  Classic Exhaust, a CLC sponsor-vendor..... FU.  Yeah I can say that  ;D     

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Re: New Exhaust
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A classic..... FU.  ;D   Yeah I can copy that    ;)
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Re: New Exhaust
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2016, 10:07:13 AM »
Lou did you buy the stainless and all the clamps and hangers from them? How long was the lead time? I'm thinking of replacing mine next winter. Looking forward to your posts. As far as the fu I had that with a carpet vendor but I got to say it to his face when he refused to take the carpet back it was cut wrong and wrong binding it felt sooooo good. ;D

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Re: New Exhaust
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I can't remeber who I got my exhaust from, but it did fit nicely. I imported it from the USA and the shipping company managed to lose one part of it. It then turned out that one of the major distributors of US car parts here in the UK [John Woolfe] has their own computerised exhaust machine and had all the specs for fifties Cadillacs [and every other year/car] They made up the missing piece and it fitted perfectly as well. I could've got the whole thing made up here in the first place and saved some money!!! 

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Re: New Exhaust
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Are the mufflers stainless?  Will be curious as to how they sound.

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Re: New Exhaust
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No stainless for me. I understand the exhaust has a different tone with stainless plus in my case. I dont drive my car in the rain. Heck, I never even wash it. Water is the devil, don't you know  ;D  Point is, the current exhaust on the car is aluminized steel and 6 years old now. Not a speck of rust on it. The stainless has no advantages for me. 

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Re: New Exhaust
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OK Lou,
  You've got your new exhaust system....question is: what's next after you run out of parts to nit pick?....maybe another Eldo?....just wondering.....walt...tulsa,ok

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Re: New Exhaust
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     Don't forget to drill those 1/8" holes at the front center of your resonators and mufflers on the downside.  It's pretty surprising how much moisture that lets out.  I've been taking a break from my car, but hope to get restarted this weekend.
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Re: New Exhaust
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Pass side out  8). Details later.

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Re: New Exhaust
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Mission accomplished. It sounds like a different car. Cadillac quiet like it should be  8)

The Waldron set fit much better than the classic set. Mufflers are larger, resonators are larger. Both muffler and resonators are slotted for a better clamp seal. The flanges are night and day. Classic doesn't come with a flange, you need to reuse the factory flange which is fine BUT the pipe itself wasn't flared large enough for the flange. It barely made a seal.  The tail pipe from classic was two piece, the waldrons tail pipe is one piece. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. 
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