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Re: New Exhaust
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That's Great Lou, what's the difference in price between the 2? G

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Re: New Exhaust
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@caddyguy The price difference between Classic and Waldrons is $100.  Classic is $453.60 with resonators. Waldrons was $550 with resonators. The $100 is money well spent in my book. If you buy from Waldrons, plan ahead. They have a 6-8 week lead time. My setup showed up at the end of week 8.

Classic Exhaust link

Waldrons link

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Re: New Exhaust
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I with you on that. The pictures really show the difference between the two. I'm glad it worked out for you Lou.  The lead time is too long for me, I will need a custom job as I need my car for the end of the month, That's my daughters Grad. And she wants the car to be ready. Long knights ahead!

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Re: New Exhaust
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I used once Classic exhaust. The shipping process was a nightmare, never again. For other people, I used to order by Waldron after the Classic exhaust experience; I'm very satisfied how this company is handling the business.

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Re: New Exhaust
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Just want to bring this thread back up to the top. One of the things I noticed on many of the Cadillacs at the GN was that many had a loud exhaust. Even the high end resto shop cars were loud. Friends don't let friends drive stock Cadillacs with loud exhuast systems  ;D  Spread the word. 

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Re: New Exhaust
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 I orderedmy exhaust about 5 years ago from Kepich for my 64 Fleetwood. I had dealt with them years ago for my 58 Coupe de Ville with no problems. When the parts came the resonator was black. And none of the pipes were flanged. All the same diameter. When I called them on this they told me to take the pipes to a muffler shop to have them flanged. They said they would pay. When I asked about the resonator, they said they bend there own pipes but outsource mufflers and resonators. I found that out after finally fitting the exhaust system. Started the car and it sounded like a hot rod. Went to the muffler shop, put the car on the lift. fired it up and had two of the techs check it. Not a leak in the system. They pointed to the muffler and said there is your problem. It sounds like there are no baffles in the muffler. No sense calling Kepich because I had the system a few months before I put it on and after the flanging problem I am thru with Kepich. A few people told me Kepich was sold and that could be the difference between the purchase and quality of the 64 parts compared with the 58 parts that have been on the car for 20 plus years and still working.

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Re: New Exhaust
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Don't remember if I mentioned this, but I put an O2 bung in the exhaust. I hooked up an Edelbrock air fuel ratio monitor system and tuned the carburetor.

I run the stock Carter, and found that the idle was super lean, and I was running rich on the cruise circuit.  The car idled fine and I was surprised to find that out.  I do believe that the engine getting hotter at the stop lights has been cures, as a lean cylinder is a hotter cylinder.
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Re: New Exhaust
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I am totally with you Lou - a 50s Cadillac [and any Cadillac I guess?] should be whisper quiet except for a nice V8 burble on hard accelaration [did I spell that right??!!]

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Re: New Exhaust
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Phil I believe on this side of the pond we would say "gurgle", (and trust that I spelled that right). Clay/Lexi

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Re: New Exhaust
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I guess I like a quiet burble at idle is my favorite, but I do like to hear it talk when accelerating then no sound while cruising. 
Lou, how hard was your exhaust to install?  I need to replace my system as the bottoms of all pipes behind the muffler on the left side are rotted out.
Thanks,  Larry
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