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I was at the show Saturday.  If a car was being judged and started.  I would cut across the row and even go back to cars I saw a 1/2 hr ago to hear them run and see the engine idle.  I too believe a Cadillac "should be seen and not heard"!  There were some very nice idling and silent running cars.  Now if we talk smell...  they all smell like my 56, rich gasoline.  Tough to reduce that!  We are spoiled with new car ignition controls!

I must confess that in 1977, I put dual Thrush glass packs on my 56 coupe.  Ok now...I was in high school!  Man it sounded great with 9ft of tailpipe after the mufflers!  I used to roll up to a stop sign and drop it in low to hear it "backdown" and snarl!  It was all good till one night, I grabbed the shifter and pulled it all the way down to the right...  yes, put it into R.  I exploded the Hydramatic.  Good thing there were still old school tranny guys out there that rebuilt it for me!  A few years later i put a CS system on it and i just replaced it with a 304 SS system 2 years ago!  Tastes certainly change!
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Re: New Exhaust
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I guess I like a quiet burble at idle is my favorite, but I do like to hear it talk when accelerating then no sound while cruising. 
Lou, how hard was your exhaust to install?  I need to replace my system as the bottoms of all pipes behind the muffler on the left side are rotted out.
Thanks,  Larry

The install went smooth. Just make sure your car is jacked up high enough so the rear suspension is fully relaxed.. This will give you full clearance. 

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Re: New Exhaust
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Lou did you order all the clamps and hangers from Waldrons? I'm thinking of ordering a complete system and install this winter.

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Re: New Exhaust
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Clamps yes, hangers no. The hangers I had were fine