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1955 hood springs
« on: July 04, 2017, 09:45:16 AM »
Hi guys!
  I've driven my 1955 CDV for 17-18 yes now and the hood has always failed to stay up by itself. (I installed a hold open rod...junkyard special which has served me well!) Anyway, fast forward to the present and I am considering purchasing new hood springs. (was browsing Ebay and saw a vendor selling them) Question: has any fellow CLC members purchased new springs and how are they "holding up"? (my springs fail to hold the hood up and yes I have tried the various adjustment positions that GM has on the lower end of the spring position)....just wondering....walt...tulsa,ok

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Re: 1955 hood springs
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I just cut off one loop from the spring and re attached. Worked great. 

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Re: 1955 hood springs
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2017, 05:57:33 PM »
Hi Walt, I just bought a couple of pairs of the new 1955 springs on eBay.

I Installed a set on a 55 Convertible I have and the hood sprang to life.....with hood up the new spring forced the hood right to and held against the stops on the hinges.

I would love to see and hear how John cut a loop off and re-attached the spring.............I'm guessing a torch was involved.

Mike B in Ct

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Re: 1955 hood springs
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  Trust me, there couldn't have been a torch involved. The only way I see to increase tension on the spring would be to install washers (with a slot cut for installation) inside the spring on the top hook end). May I ask who the Ebay seller was who you bought from? As most of us know, replacement parts very seldom duplicate factory quality.....walt...tulsa,ok

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Re: 1955 hood springs
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Hi Walt,

John above said he cutoff a loop and then reattached.

The cutoff part is easy......I just wondered how you could bend a coil to reattach....yikes!

Here is a link to the seller on eBay I purchased my set of auction was without reserve so I was able to get them for less.....they're still worth every penny at this price if you have a real saggy hood.


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Re: 1955 hood springs
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Let me mention this as I just did it for a friend... If you look underneath where the spring attaches to the body, there are three possible positions to attach the spring to.  I made a tool (basically a piece of chain connected to a rod) and pulled the spring down and into the next step on the attachment and the hood is now staying up.  That being said, if you still have problems, just get a new pair of springs.  Some of the ones being offered are stainless and I probably wouldn't go for those.  If you're bringing the car to GN, I'll do it for you in the parking lot.
Ken Karrer  CenTex CLC Reg. Dir.