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1955 Cadillac Fuel Pump
« on: July 27, 2017, 02:59:07 PM »
I just replaced all my lifters in hopes of eliminating what sounded like lifter noise. The noise is still there. Somewhere some time ago I heard/read about a "cap" that sets on top of the fuel pump push rod to eliminate a gap which causes a noisy lifter type of noise? Has anyone else ever heard of such a thing? If so where can I get one? I want to explore this avenue before I do anything else major to the engine which was just rebuilt 3-4000 miles ago.

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Re: 1955 Cadillac Fuel Pump
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Never heard about the 'cap' before. Looking forward to reading some future comments on this. I think my fuel pump may also be perhaps the source of an occasional valve train like-noise. Like a "cluck cluck" sound, but intermittent. Rather faint sounding. Sounds forward in the engine bay area, but elusive to pin-point. Perhaps try checking your push rod length which according to the 1955 Cadillac Shop Manual Supplement was noted as being 7.1425 to 7.1475 inches long, with a stroke of .245 to .250 inch. Diameter noted as .4355 to .4360 inch. Note: the 1954 Cadillac Shop Manual is to be used for the 1955 model year along with the said 1955 Supplement. Both manuals however, gave the same push rod specs. I would imagine a visual inspection of the push rod ends to check for "mushrooming' (wear/slop) might be in order, but would think with a rebuilt engine that should not be an issue. Do keep us posted! Clay/Lexi
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Re: 1955 Cadillac Fuel Pump
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Thanks for the specs. I hadn't yet checked my manual. I did however eliminate the fuel pump as a source of the noise. I inserted a stick into the oil filler which reached to the fuel pump arm and put pressure on the arm with the engine running. The noise did not change so I feel confident that the fuel pump is not my problem unless it could be something internal within the pump itself.
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Re: 1955 Cadillac Fuel Pump
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Interesting. In my case I thought it might be the diaphragm/valve making the noise rather than the rod. With other engine peripherals in that area like the steering and water pump it opens the potential for other candidates. Clay/Lexi

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Re: 1955 Cadillac Fuel Pump
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You could eliminate the water pump and generator PS pump and AC [if fitted] by taking the fan belts off and running the engine for a short period of time. You could also remove the fuel pump and run it with an electric one from a can of petrol [sorry, gas!] to eliminate that. Phil

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Re: 1955 Cadillac Fuel Pump
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Did you happen to check for wear on all the rocker arms and shafts while you had the engine open?  Or check to see if all of them were being oiled ok?  The rockers shafts tend to get sludged up which stops the oiling process.
Good luck, Larry
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