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Ike stolen? Solved!
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On a sad note I heard Sunday that a 1956 Sedan was "stolen" from the GN Hotel's parking lot Saturday night during the awards banquet. Is this true? If so, I believe that car may have been parked directly across from the 1958 black Fleetwood that Lou mentioned. Sounds like it may have been that beige/tan one. The only '56 sedan I can think of as being at the show, which fit the description provided was that one. I hope this info I received is wrong, but if not, and knowing how fast car thieves work to dispose of their goods, I post this information. If anyone becomes aware of such a vehicle coming on the market, especially under suspicious circumstances, please gather all data for further investigation by the appropriate authorities, ASAP. Clay/Lexi
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Re: Ike stolen
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The latest I heard on this was that it was a mix up and a car carrier picked up the wrong car. Once the error was noticed it was returned to the field. All good, nothing stolen. 

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Re: Ike stolen? Solved!
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Now that is what I call good news! Clay/Lexi