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video of the pinion yolk
« on: August 11, 2017, 06:50:55 AM »
Who has the go pro video of the pinion yolk moving around. It has to do with the new poly bushings being installed in the rear lower control arm.
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Re: video of the pinion yolk
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Russ, here are some before and after video. The before is with 2 year old OPG bushings and the after is with my custom control arms. These particular custom arms use Delrin in the rear and Johhny Joints up front. The replacement arms use urethane bushings designed for pick up truck leave springs and are plenty stiff while retaining some give.

You only have to watch a little of the first video to get to where I step on it and see the huge pinion movement. In the second video you need to get almost a minute in.


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