Author Topic: 1961 cadillac steering gear,a/c system,hood hinges,wiper switch,emblem,crest  (Read 163 times)

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Parts with prices OBO.
Steering gear-$95
Hood hinges-$75
Emblem V and crest (2 nice condition ,2 broken)-$75 for all 4 pieces
almost all A/C original system-$280
rear bumper-center section-200
rear upper bumper ends 100 for pair-left and right
gas tank doors with extra hardware,
rear left metal cover piece above rear bumper between left rear light and gas tank door,
Inner fenders $60 per pair
All electrical wiring for 1961 4 door cadillac in working condition !!
door panels $20 each or $70 for all
A/C condenser-$85
A/C compressor-$85
Wiper switch - $45
window switch -  $20 
driver mirror with knob - $25
 interior trim- fifteen pieces and rear view mirror- $120
 front center bumper piece  upper and lower -  $40 each
trunk nice condition no rust only surface rust - $100
-1961 owner protection plan-$20
-1961 owner manual-$20
-1961 Cadillac accessories-$20
under steering wheel cover plate-$20
2 front 2 rear doors scheels- $100 each
2 window handles -$10 each
2 door  handles-$10 each
pass window switch-$20
4 rims plus spare-$400
I have more parts you can email me: or call 631-220-8356
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