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1956 Correct exhaust hangers
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I'm looking for a pair of exhaust hangers for a 1956 Cadillac. They are not the hangers near the resonators but are the ones described in the attached picture as part number 9.0293 .

 The centre box drawing at the bottom of the page shows an exploded view of the hanger I'm looking for.

 Even a used one would work because I could make them if I had a pattern to go from.

 Any information on who sells them would be appreciated. Waldens and Classic do not have them.


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Re: 1956 Correct exhaust hangers
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On a 56, that part is nothing more than a pad with an embedded metal staple so you can secure it to the chassis. Cadillac calls it a shoe. The exhaust just lays on top of it. I was fortunate to buy NOS for my car. See pic. Also see pic of what was left of the original one  :o
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Re: 1956 Correct exhaust hangers
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I wondered about this bracket also as Iím in the midst of replacing my exhaust on my 55. I made a bracket out of a hanger I had. Since our Cadillacs can use the U type clamp I was able to clamp it to the muffler and extension pipe joint.

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