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Carl 61 Fleetwood Found Condition rss
This car was originally owned by an older couple.  After they died they left it to their daughter Phyllis.  She did not drive it but she could not part with it.  After she died it remained in the basement of her barn.  10 years later her family was ready to sell the property and I purchased the car.  In all it had been parked since 1979.

Seized motor.  Evidence of 1 or 2 accidents.  The first took place in the factory. Don't know about the second
Phyllis Cleaned up Pictures rss
After much cleaning this is the starting place for restoration.
Christine rss
I had several eaten wires sticking out of the firewall.  I stuck power to a few to see if I could get any dash lights to come on.  Well the radio was on.  It turned on and was on a AM southern gospel radio station.  It was creepy and hilarious at the same time.
61 Fleetwood "Phyllis" Stripping rss
Photos as Phyllis gets stripped down
Fun with a 390 rss
Analyzing and pulling Phyllis's Engine
Body Work rss
Beginning of the Body Work.
That large roof sheet metal was a problem.  It was very rusty and had a bad oil canning problem.
The fender skirts need to be reshaped.  Floor pan is being replaced and a few other areas.
Chrome Collection and Cleaning rss
I am finding some NOS.  But with those I have found imperfections.  I think I would rather have new Chrome.
Suspension rss
I purchased all new bushings and ball joints.  I plan on disk brakes soon.  Updated power steering
Instrument Panel rss
As the IP has the least information in the service manual, that is what I have the most pictures of.
I have more if anyone needs something specific.
Stainless Trim rss
Cleaning and cataloging Stainless trim and other Bright metal

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