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For Sale!! rss
Here is a fine ride for someone who likes a couch on wheels....So for a B52's rewrite... Hop in my Cadillac, it's as big as a whale and it's about to set sail. I got me a car, like, it seats about 20. So come on and bring your jukebox money....

Had it for about 4 years now, It is a real looker.... House of Kolor Candy Tangerine that is....I have always had it garaged.

Engine is original as far as I know. 390cu. I have changed the freeze plugs. I have replaced the carburetor with a Edelbrock 650cfm. (Have the original but it is cracked at the base.) New Alternator converted from Generator. (Have original.) New brake master cylinder. New Brake lines all around. New Fuel pump. New gas tank, New Windshield. New exhaust from the Y-pipe back. It does have an exhaust leak on the passenger header/exhaust connection. A piece of exhaust was replaced and an exhaust stud was too short. I replaced the stud but the gasket was crooked and didn't seal. The shop didn't have another gasket (cadillac special size.) I just haven't fixed it. Transmission was rebuilt just a month ago.($2100). Runs great and good shifts. Also new U-joints and driveshaft balanced. Have the A/C compressor but do not know the condition of the A/C system as a whole. I do not know the exact mileage of the car. I don't know if the speedo has turned over or not. It is either aprox. 60K or 160K. Based on the transmission rebuild it was the first time it was rebuilt according to the shop. I generally don't think they would have lasted 160K back in the day. Being the engine has not been rebuilt either other than the work stated above. It starts on a dime, doesn't smoke, does leak a little oil. The steering box has been replaced with a newer year to give it a tighter ratio. Makes it feel like a newer car rather than turning the wheel around and around several times.

Interior has been professionally done. New carpet kit, door panels, seats.
All electric windows work with one exception. The passenger wing window works but is missing a tooth I believe. If you help it start then it goes the rest of the way. Electric seat works also. Door locks have been converted from vacuum to electric keyless entry. (You want to play with 5 vacuum lines in each door? Me neither...)
Dash was cut to fit 7" touchscreen. I do have the original radio though.
Speakers in the kick panels and rear deck. Original dash pieces are readily available if you were going back to stock. Speedometer does not work. I had replaced the speedometer cable and it worked for awhile but then after 30mpg the needle flies all over the place. All that needs to be taken in is the speedo head to get fixed.

Exterior is in good shape. There are a few flaws in the paint in the form of chips. As you can see in the pics, it is amazing in the sun. The color changes are blinding!!. I have taken it to a few custom paint shops and they say it can be repaired without painting the whole car. The chrome is all original. Working on the vehicle I can tell you the front passenger door was replaced but don't know why. Tires are new.

The car is not perfect. I believe I am asking a fair price. Half price offers get no response or respect from me. I have lots of fun at the car shows with it. It is always a crowd pleaser. Not in any hurry to sell nor do I need to sell. Only trades I would be interested in would be a 50's chevy or ford truck but I am still doing research as to what to buy so i may or may not take a trade right away. Any other pics you need let me know.
1962 Cadillac Before rss
Pics when I bought the car.... Didn't run, Interior shot, Paint color is Candy Tangerine...
1962 Cadillac Now rss
My weekend runner now. Bought seats and door panels but were wrong color. Had them change the inserts to a more suitable color.
Finished interior. I love it...

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