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Title: Welcome 50ssteelinmyblood to Mid Century Cadillacs
Post by: South_paw on March 24, 2018, 05:53:53 AM
Welcome to our forum 50ssteelinmyblood. Tell us a little bit about your Cadillac, share a pic or story  8)
Title: Re: Welcome 50ssteelinmyblood to Mid Century Cadillacs
Post by: 50ssteelinmyblood on March 26, 2018, 10:50:07 PM

Firstly, Thanks for letting me join!

I'm not what you'd consider to be actively involved in forums or much of any social media...

...However I have a 1955 series 62, 2 door and would like to share technical information with other mid-fifties Cadillac owners who work on their own projects.

I've had my Caddy for about 3 years, it was mostly an engineless car with a rat's nest for an interior, but from the south, so very solid. I did a bit of homework and fit a 1962 390 up to the original transmission and had the original interior copied by a local seamstress. This summer was it's first real time on the road since the 1970's, it's been a long road and a lot of unexpected setbacks and extra costs, but it's been rewarding beyond words. I probably don't have to tell anyone here that no other car in the world turns heads like a classic Cadillac! (regardless of condition!).

At the end of last summer the '55 hydra-matic finally gave up the ghost. I've purchased the Wilcap adapter and am currently having a reputable shop in town building a 700R4 for me.
I'll be fighting my way through the swap this spring and would love to chat with anyone that's done the job themselves and could offer some advice...Likewise if there's anyone trying to get a early 60's 390 into their 50's Caddy, I'd be glad to share info, pictures, video's, etc...

I'll be browsing this site over the coming weeks, maybe all my questions have long been answered by others on here in the past, or maybe I'll have something to contribute...we'll see!