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Mid Century Cadillac Discussion / Re: Throttle on firewall bracket 1956
« Last post by Lexi on November 09, 2018, 10:47:46 AM »
I have never seen a painted one either, other than this spare which I never saw the car it came from. Thanks guys. Clay
Mid Century Cadillac Discussion / Seeking information
« Last post by FINCADI on November 09, 2018, 09:17:07 AM »
I am hoping to find out more about this 1958 Cadillac custom.  One of our local community members purchased this vehicle within the last year at a Barrett Jackson auction for his private car collection which will soon be open to the public.  I am assisting him with finding out as much as I can about the cars in his collection.  All we know on this particular vehicle is it was designed as a one-off coach-built interpretation of Harley Earl's vision of a true American luxury sport roadster. We do not know anything about former owner/owners and when it may have been built.  I am hoping that someone in the mid-century group may have seen this car before and have some information about it, or who I might contact to find out.  Thanks, Doug
Mid Century Cadillac Discussion / Re: Throttle on firewall bracket 1956
« Last post by Roger Zimmermann on November 09, 2018, 03:23:56 AM »
Of course, I saw less cars than you. Both '56 I have/had and the '57 Brougham had no paint on the assembly. A Lou wrote, it's make no sense from the assembly process to have this bracket engine color painted.
General Discussions / Re: Out of the Blue
« Last post by 62droptop on November 08, 2018, 10:46:11 PM »
had surgery mid October, still off work ,going crazy with one so so hand and one cut and sewn up one
healing ok as I can do at least a little with my right hand now
I was able to winterize my boat today
I have a screw in my last finger joint for good now so my right index finger will never bend at finger nail joint
I hope to be able to ride my motorcycle in spring as I was not able to last 15 months due to extreme carpal tunnel issues from infection after initial injury flared up the moderate issues I was having
this working for a living really sucks!

at least we didn't get any snow down this way yet!

if you can keep you eyes open for a decent 64-66 suburban in your travels,,gmc preferred  ,momma wants one to drive around in the nicer months
if I find one out there it will be a great excuse for me to finally get to meet the man and the legend,and Carmen of coarse too!

General Discussions / Re: 1962 series 62
« Last post by 62droptop on November 08, 2018, 10:35:07 PM »
cheers to Dan for keeping our caddies alive with his dedication and ingenuity!!
Mid Century Cadillac Discussion / Re: Throttle on firewall bracket 1956
« Last post by Lexi on November 08, 2018, 07:08:38 PM »
That is what I thought Lou. Unless it was painted the same color of the engine bay which I think matched the vehicle's color, in this case cobalt blue. Like you I have never seen that before. If this was not factory painted then I suspect it was done by a previous owner probably in the 70s or off chance the 80s. It just had that look of originality to it. Right color and lots of vintage finish wear to it, hence my post. Clay/Lexi
Mid Century Cadillac Discussion / Re: Throttle on firewall bracket 1956
« Last post by South_paw on November 08, 2018, 06:28:27 PM »
I haven't seen one painted blue before. It doesn't follow the assembly logic. Being that the part is part of the body assembly it is on a different assembly line than the chassis/engine is.  We must also consider that the engine is built and completed with paint before it meets the chassis. If it was painted blue, when did they paint it? As you can see in the attached pics, you can see that the bodies are fully assembled, hoses and all.   
Mid Century Cadillac Discussion / Throttle on firewall bracket 1956
« Last post by Lexi on November 08, 2018, 11:20:42 AM »
In the process of an engine rebuild so this is the time to detail the engine bay area. A couple of years ago I spun on a lathe a replacement bearing for the throttle pivot (on firewall) as the old rubber grommet and inner metal sleeve type bearing had popped out. Trying to put the old rubber one back in was like attempting to put the toothpaste back into the tube and also not worth it as the rubber was damaged.  Anyhow, time to put back to original so I went through my parts and found a few extra throttle bracket units but all were damaged in some way, except one. Curiously, the good one had remnants of ancient Cadillac engine blue paint still on it. The damaged units all appeared to be original zinc plated, and not painted. So I went ahead, media blasted, primed and painted the one good unit in Cadillac engine blue, (see image attached).

Probably should have checked here first, but were some of these units painted and others not? I think I have only seen non-painted ones, aside from this one in my parts. This unit looked originally to have been factory painted blue. I suppose it is possible someone painted it years ago, but I am inclined to think otherwise due to it's appearance. It sure looked factory to me. Has anyone seen a factory painted blue throttle assembly? See attached picture of my unit...(or am I going to have to strip it and start over), Clay/Lexi
Introductions / Welcome SoDak60 to Mid Century Cadillacs
« Last post by South_paw on November 07, 2018, 05:52:11 PM »
Welcome SoDak60

Glad to have you on board the Cadillac of forums  8)  Your account is now activated.

Go ahead and kick the tires. Say hi.

Mid Century Cadillac Discussion / Re: 1956 Bracket spark plug wire and coil mount
« Last post by Lexi on November 06, 2018, 09:05:50 PM »
I thought about that, keeping heat away from the coil. I have had perhaps 8 '56 intake manifolds over the years and looked at a bunch of cars and not seen such a mounting plate before. I shall have to place my carb over the mounting studs to see if the plate has to be flipped to ensure no contact is made with the coil. About all I can say is that the plate appears to have been made for that purpose, for this intake manifold. Just not sure by whom. It came off a car that had a single Carter carburetor. Thanks Jose! Clay/Lexi
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