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From bench seat to bucket seats
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I finally got the bucket seats in my 62 Cadillac sedan. I knew it wasn't going to be easy...turned out to be much harder than I anticipated.
The seats came out of a Jaguar. I think they kind of have a Cadillac look to them. A lot of work but I'm satisfied with the results. The bench seat that I removed is a replacement for my original torn up one.  I no longer have a need for it and offering it for sale. I think it may have come out of a 1964. It's basically the same as a 1962 with the exception of the pull handles side trim. It bolted into my 62 perfectly. It's a sedan 6-way power seat. The up and down and tilt are functional. The forward and back are not. (That's the way it was when I purchased it.) I did not try to fix it as it was in the right position for me and I'm 6'1".
It appears that the upholstery is factory holes or rips and stitching is intact. The material is soft and dry rot. Pretty amazing for a 50+ year seat.  No way to know how long it will remain in this condition but as of now, it is in good shape for a daily driver.

I removed the motor and complete cable harness from my original 62 seat. Its functions were just the opposite. The forward and back is working...the up and down tilt is not. I'm guessing someone who knows a lot more than I do can switch components from this harness to the seat and restore the forward and back motion.

 I bought the seat a couple of years ago for $350. I'm offering the seat, spare motor and cable harness plus a complete set of metal seat trim for $300. The seat alone is way too heavy to ship and would be very costly. If you have an interest or are in the Southern California area, they are available for pick up.       Bench seat and parts have been sold.
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