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Hey there. Do you dream of 1961 1962 cadillac part ownership? Well, I can make your wildest fantasies come true with my giant stacks of parts. These parts are hot and ready for you. They want you to buy them sooo bad. They want you to talk dirty to them. They are dirty too. So dirty and used.

I have tons of stuff listed on ebay with more to go as I get time. I'm always willing to sell to a fellow skegger cheaper parts in a private sale so if you see something you like feel free to send me a message here and we can work things out. If you don't see it, I still might have it so don't be shy if you need something.

The link above will direct you to my current listings.
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OK, ;D
i need, the
Hood V
2way seat switch in armrest
Trunk Molding
Rear Asch tray with switch from Coupe or Conv.
Cigarette lighters


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Olaf, I sent you a pm.
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Roccosdad here..

I am on the hunt for a new glove box door in good shape, door panels for a coupe driver / passenger needs to be deville with all the trim, handles, etc. 

Any help is appreciated Sir...


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I am in need of your 1961 1962 Cadillac Interior Windshield Wiper Switch Coupe Sedan Convertible.
Scott McKinnon

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PM sent fellas
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