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How to Use the Features of this Forum


This will be a how to user guide for the features we have on this site.

How to post pictures from your computer,

How to use the youtube feature,

How to create your own photo album

How to use the instagram feature,

How to share pictures from other sites directly to the forum,

How to share Facebook post and videos to the forum

We now have a LIKE feature. At the bottom of every post. You have the ability to LIKE someones post. Notifications of the likes you receive will be in your forum profile(top left of the screen). Your total likes will also show under your user name.
Like away  8)

Added today.... a notify feature. Anytime a post that you are involved in receives a reply you will see a small pop up window appear notifying you that a reply was made. Click on that window and it will bring you directly to the new reply  8) Example screen image attached. 


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