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Interesting 1956 Elvis Paperwork on EBAY
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and for a hair under 10 grand it can be yours!  What we have here is a insurance policy form for his 1956 Eldorado and it comes with an article detailing the history of his 1956 Eldorado. Attached is a copy of each. The insurance policy has the wrong engine number on it. Maybe that is why it was crossed out in red ink??? The backside of the policy form does have the signature of EP on it.   The article is way off base when it comes to how,when and where he purchased this car. We know from the build sheet that is car was sold in TX not TN. We also know that Elvis special ordered the car with full white leather. This Eldo definitely wasn't sitting in a showroom waiting to be bought. I'm having a hard time seeing the 10k value in this. Anyone else?

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