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Introduction- Steve from Santa Rosa Ca
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Hello,I've been a fan of finned Cadillacs since I first saw one while growing up in northern England in the 60s. I moved to California in the early 80s and one of my first cars was a 1961 Cad convertible which I drove proudly for several years. In the mid 80s I was married and had two kids and was informed I should have a more suitable family car so I bought a 1959 Coupe Deville (I didn't get the minivan memo ) and that was a daily driver for the next 8 years.
I've been a lurker here for longer than I can remember and have found great info that's saved me a lot of time and money,so thank you all. The main reason I've finally registered is that I have decided to return to the UK later this year and will be selling my 61 Cadillac convertible and my 1959 Coupe Deville and would like to try advertising here before Craigslist or eBay.
I've added a few pics of the 61 before I put it in the classified section,it does run but needs a full restoration hopefully worthy of its personalized license plate 61CADDY. I haven't come up with a firm price but the car is in number 4 condition and I would think the plate would add some value.
All the best ,Steve.(Santa Rosa Ca.)
 My first intro post with the pics is in the general introduction section.