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Lets show the group our personal cars.  Here is my "driver" 1956 Series 62 Coupe.  I purchased it from the 2nd owners, who purchased it in 1962.  She has 250,000 miles and is a great car.

This is one I wish I never sold. Great driving car  :'(

Here is my 1954 Series 62 Coupe.  She has 45,000 original miles and has not been driven since 1974.  I rescued her from a large collection in Texas where she was about to be sold as a parts car.  She is slowly coming back to life.  She runs well.  Next step brakes then tranny service and shell go for a test run.


I feel your pain about the 56 60S.  I miss mine all the time and if I would've had the cash I would have gotten it back from Art a few weeks ago when he sold it.  The one car I should've never let go....
Though, he did do a fabulous job with it.


Mine is a '55 CDV.  A thing of beauty!  I also have a '92 Allante.


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