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1959 vibration at 60 plus
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Hello guys!
Just checking to see what your thoughts might be on the most likely cause for a vibration at hwy speeds.  The car is a 59 series 62 convertible.  I can feel the vibration in the seat and I'm guessing that it's coming from the driveshaft area as it has that kind of tight, hi rev feel.  This is a highly restored car, but I'm thinking that perhaps new motor and trans mounts might have thrown off the angle of the drive shaft or perhaps the shaft is just no longer in balance.  It really doesn't feel like it's a wheel/tire thing as it has that center line feel to it.  U joints feel good.  I think the carrier bearing is ok.  Trans and engine are original and rebuilt. Any ideas and proposed solutions would be appreciated.
Ken Karrer
CenTex CLC Reg. Dir.
1959 series 62 Convertible