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Hey guys! Finally got myself a caddy!

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and boy is it a turd!  ;D

So Ive had a burning desire for cadillac ownership since I bought a 62 impala in high school as my first car. Theres just nothing cooler on the roads to me. So 10 years later and bunch of missed opportunities everything came together and I was able to drag home a sourly neglected 61 6 window. My excitement level is through the roof even staring at this daunting task ahead. By that i mean this car is much more involved than any other project ive taken on.

  For having been partially reclaimed by the ground a lot of it is fairly solid. Most of the outer sheet metal is intact save a few bubbles and pinholes. Chassis is solid but dirty and neglected. The floorpans are shot for the most part and so is the trunk pan. The trunk seal area with the weatherstrip seal is absolutely rotted. Front bumper is rusted through but rear is still solid despite being rusty.

 As far as mechanics....its junk haha. The 390 is locked up and obviously met a nasty end. No further status on the rest of the drivetrain yet. Appears to have been sitting since 99. I have a 5.3 and 4l80 setting in the garage so that may end up in there. I dont have keys for the car so most of the electrical system is a mystery although the headlights did power on. wohoo so something works haha. My first major obstacle currently is all 4 brake drums are locked up and a week of heating beating and soaking has yet to budge any of them. Booster and master are junk too. Interior is gonna need a total redo as well. Whew this baby got issues lol.

So thank you for the add and Im excited to have such a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips as Im sure gonna need it!
Ill try to get some pictures uploaded from my phone to make all this way more interesting  ;D

nice project start

on the picture,make sure the phone is right way up
when viewing on the phone pic will always be right side up
when downloaded it will show its true orientation
at least that is what I have found

and tell us where you are from,there may be a new best friend close by!

Thanks! I live down near Jackson ms. Its also worth noting I work at a junkyard so I have access to all kinds of parts I can likely make work for me. As much as I would love to do a 100% correct restoration I just dont have that kind of money haha so there will be some modifying along the way. Interesting on the phone I never thought of that. I downloaded them on the computer and rotated them so ill repost them

62 driver:
That's a nice start! The seats look good to me. Welcome.

Congratulations Good Luck.  It does not look that bad.

Keep that excitement as long as you can.


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