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'55 Brakes, pedal travel feesl notch-ey
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Before I dig into this, I thought I'd check the collective wisdom on this forum.

1955 Series 62, CdV, stock.  I've recently replaced the master cylinder, and routinely flush the brake fluid.  The brake booster is untouched since I acquired it in 1998, and it looks like it's never been rebuilt or replaced.  The symptom is that recently when I push on the brake pedal, they activate pretty quickly, but the pedal pressure seems high, until there is a very noticeable notch, and an almost audible click, after which there's increased braking and decreased pedal pressure.  It seems to be getting worse.

What do you think, should I be looking at the mechanical linkage to the master, or might this be symptomatic of the brake booster needing a rebuild?
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