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FS: 1950 Superior Hearse, 1956 Sedan deVille, 1960 Cadillac
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A friend is selling these old Cadillacs and I offered to post the photos here.  Please see the attached photos. As you can tell, they all need restoration. The cars are among many others in similar condition and are located in Oregon. Please contact him for additional information, pricing, etc.  Contact seller: Blue Nelson,

He told me that many of the cars were bought new by the current family and never left the ranch property and quite a few of them were original paint as well.

1950 Superior Hearse. Parked in 1977, complete car.  The interior in the back is all hearse it just appears to be white now.

1960 Sedan de Ville. Full power, A/C, Cruise control. Original paint (what's left), original interior. Body is very straight except the rear left fin.

1956 Sedan de Ville. Full power/ A/C, Autronic eye, E-Z eye glass. Original paint, original interior. Parked 30 + years ago.

Best regards,

Ed Leed
Best regards,

Ed Leed
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