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62 sedan Deville front fenders. Any sellers out there?

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Can't seem to find a decent pair anywhere!

What is your definition of a decent pair.

rare eldorado:
Have you tried desert valley or Cadillac farm ?All fenders are going to need some type of work being 50 years old.And also what are you willing to pay? Most used fenders start at 150.00$ ,plus shipping.I recently saw a nos fender in excellent condition go for 1100.00 $Collector car parts are no longer cheap ..in any model.

Jack Meketa:
I have a very decent pair of fenders from my 62 parts car.The car came from calif.
They need a small amount of repair and are very useable.I need 200 for each.I'm in northeast Pa.

Dan LeBlanc:

--- Quote from: Clewisiii on December 06, 2017, 06:14:54 PM ---What is your definition of a decent pair.

--- End quote ---

36C!!!   ;D 8) :D ;)


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