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Re: Repaint coming soon
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So if you had a choice between 2 shops to do your bodywork and paint, which would you choose:

A) A relatively new shop (5 years or so) that does primarily restorations, some collision work.  Seems very organized, professional, has lots of space.  Initial estimate for exterior paint and bodywork only we will say is $Z. 

B) A father/son shop that's been around for about 20 years. Does only restorations. Yard and shop is incredibly cluttered with car skeletons and ongoing work.  Estimate for exterior paint and bodywork, interior paint and replace carpet is $3000 less than A's $Z.

I worry about the disorganized aspect of B, but I like the experience and the bang for the buck.  Both have similar pictures on their websites and similar reviews.  Both have well-appointed paint bays. Not sure what else should go into the decision, but it's down to these 2.
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Re: Repaint coming soon
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If you can speak to someone that has had work done at each shop . If the work done was satisfactory .More than one person if possible .Ask each shop if they will give you a past customer name that has had work done on a collector car.Do not always go by the least expensive...some times it depends on the quality of the materials used.Cheap paint and body supplys  will not hold up over time.

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Re: Repaint coming soon
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If B's work quality is excellent, go with B.  Work quality is a must.  Price is second.  Cleanliness of shop yard is last.
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