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Has anyone ever had their original convertible top cylinders rebuilt? I remember Lou recommending this some time ago as opposed to replacement.  If so, can you suggest a rebuilder and provide a possible cost?  I just took mine to a shop in my area (suburban Chicago) who told me the ends were crimped in place, would require machining to get them off, and had no source for replacement ends.  Even if he was able to rebuild, they would lose strike length from the machining(!) Guy told me these cylinders are referred to within their industry as 'disposable' - that is, never designed to be rebuilt, just replaced.  True?  Does that mean my option is Hydro-E?  Thanks!   - Carl

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Re: suggestions?
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Carl That is correct ,,not ment to be rebuilt.However there are many outlets for cyl replacements  ,,,,opgi...usa parts and many others  .Those cyl were standard to many gm cars not only caddys . do your research . Some offer  kits// cyl and hoses

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Re: suggestions?
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I don't recall a vendor that would rebuild the originals. What is definitely a problem with the new ones offered by most vendors is that they extend out further than the factory ones do. This is a problem only if you keep the top switch on too long when raising the top. My top installer was doing just that. This is when the top cylinders had no where to go and the shafts bent because they were too long. All Cads offers the top cylinders too. They will ask you to measure yours and make a set to match exactly what you have. The downside is the cylinders are $100 more for each one. If I should ever bend mine again, I will be calling All Cads.
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