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1955-1958 Autronic-Eye power relay tech tip
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Just a quick tech tip on my findings while refurbishing three of the Autronic-Eye power relays, this relay is the one that toggles the low and high beams part # 594 6545 late 1955 (AC unit) through 1958.

The ones I have were never open, one was in good condition, one was in fair shape while the last was really bad. You can see from picture P3030048 which are which.  ;)

Both the fair and bad one had never been opened and both sounded like maracas when shaken. 

What Iíve found on both is the LB and UB contacts broke off (fair one see P3020048 and P3020050), the second bad one was even worse the insulator top and bottom was deteriorated and the coil was lose as well (sorry no picture).

One interesting thing about the broken contacts was the rivet broke flush with the bottom of the contact plate (see P3020050). So any downward force, twisting while tighten the screws would weaken the rivet, also there is a small tab on both the contact and the connector plate that holds them from twisting but these are also a weak point.
Iíve use a flat cooper rivet instead of the round head type to better extend the holding area around the bottom plate.

Now if anyone with an Autronic-Eye having issues with toggling between the LB and HB which either or not working, I would suggest to check the power relay first to make sure the +12V is extended from the relay over to the LB with the relay energized or UB with the relay off.

Good luck..! 
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Re: 1955-1958 Autronic-Eye power relay tech tip
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I have a few of these laying around. Now I know how to refurbish them. Thanks Jose.
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