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Value of my 61
« on: March 08, 2018, 12:44:38 PM »
Hey All,

I was a relatively active member of this site for a few years several years ago. Great forum.. So life has changed and my priorities with it. I have a growing family now and free time is minimal. So here goes... I have a 61 series 62 six passenger coupe and I'm thinking its time for someone else to enjoy it. But I really don't know what a fair value of the vehicle might be, so I came to the place that hopefully can help answer the question!

Here is a quick run down of the general shape. I can post pictures later if needed.

Car was 100% original when I bought it over 14 years ago.
Body is solid, I had to cut and replace one 2"x2" piece of steel on one fender and that's it.
Fully rebuilt original engine including carb.
A strange thing about this car, the only option was a heater, all crank windows and no A/C.
I repainted the it black with a white top, original was red, paint job is not real good, a 20 footer so to speak, some chips/flakes/cracks in paint because I didn't pull window trim. Bodywork is pretty good, body is straight. I did nose and deck the car. I still have original badges for trunk and hood. Grille is awesome I pulled it apart, made a jig and polished every piece of aluminum on it and put it back together.
Dual exhaust.
The door windows are uninstalled, after about 5 years both of them would not roll up straight and they pinched in the glide somehow and cracked, I replaced glass in both of them and tried to straighten out the roller glide/mechanism and they just cracked again, so I pulled them out and need to repair some how? Real frustrating.
Windshield and back glass good.
Now to the running part. I have a fuel delivery problem and can't figure it out, tank was dropped/cleaned and sealed, If it sits more than a day or two I need to use starting fluid before it will fire, once started purrs like a kitten, after it warms up (driving or idling) it begins to sputter and if I give it too much throttle it will die, won't start again until completely cooled down. I have tried several things like electric fuel pump and it still does it. I just use the mechanical again now. Maybe carb? I don't know.
New tires.
New shocks.
Interior is pretty good, one small tear in the headliner, I pulled the visors because they are wore out and won't stay up. Seats ok, no major tears.
New carpet kit about 90% installed.

That's the bulk of it. Sorry for the long post but I want to be as forthright as possible.

What do you think it's worth? I won't give it away. I'm thinking between 7-9K? I really don't know.

Any feedback would be welcome. Car is in Montana, USA.

Thanks All!

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Re: Value of my 61
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Post a photo of the cowl build plate and a few pics of the rest of her wouldn't hurt either...the guys will chime in
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Re: Value of my 61
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If your car needs that many repairs you probably will not get more than 4 to$ 4,500 and the car not being able to be driven .Car not being a 2dr or conv may not be that  popular .

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Re: Value of my 61
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I will get a few pics up hopefully this weekend. Thanks again.