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Re: Removing trim
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Hello Robert If you can get an eastwood catalog or go on line to there web site  they can supply you with all the tools and polish to restore your stainless trim .If you have a bench grinder it can be converted to a polish machine  .They can also give you an instructions sheet of how to do it .It will show you how to take out dents in the trim .Purchasing all the equipment is less exspensive than sending the trim out ,,and you will have it for future use . The web site or 800 343 9353

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Re: Removing trim
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Fantastic advice.  Thank you,  I'll check out right now.
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Re: Removing trim
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Hello Bob,
                When I polished the stainless on my 55 I used a pedestal grinder. First thing and Iím sure you are aware of this a good pair of work gloves. The other suggestion is put old blankets or moving pad on the floor beneath the polishing wheel. I found out the hard way when a piece got loose out of my hands and hit the floor then shot across the garage floor.:o Also when you polish donít get to close to the edge toward the shaft of the grinder I had one slip and hit the spinning shaft and caused damage to the piece which I had to have professionally repaired. :P Have fun.


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