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It is not the doors that flex.  It is the bodies.  The sedans have a B-post between the front and rear doors.  So the body of the sedans has a forward post (windshield), a rear post (sail panel), and the door post.  This makes the sedan body much stiffer than the coupes and convertibles.  The coupes and convertibles flex quite a bit.  In fact, the way that one can adjust the fit of a coupe door to the door opening is by tightening/loosening body bolts and/or using shims between the body and the frame at key points.  In short, one can twist the coupe bodies into a shape to match the door shape -- I have personally done just that.  The convertibles can be similarly tweaked.  Again, there is so much flex in the coupes and convertibles that the doors can bang on the body when encountering bumps in the road.  These square rubber wedges help to cushion the door against the door pillar.  But on sedans, they weren't needed and not added...

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