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Windshield wiper problems
« on: April 23, 2018, 06:09:53 AM »
Hello from Finland. I have a problem with my windshield wipers. When i start the wipers they move just about appr 10-15 cm, (5-6 inches) and then they stop. When I stop the wipers they will return to start position. If I help the wipers by hand, they will move. I have changed the vacuum hoses but it didnīt help.... Can anyone tell what to do? what to check?? Thanks...
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Re: Windshield wiper problems
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Did you try wetting the windshield where the blades make contact?


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Re: Windshield wiper problems
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You should also lubricate the wiper motor. Attached is a good article about the process.
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Re: Windshield wiper problems
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Interesting article, thank you!

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Re: Windshield wiper problems
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For cars with check valves, I have the flapper seal that goes inside the manifold/check valve.  Cars with a vacuum pump use this.  The one shown is off a '57, I assume the earlier ones are the same, but compare to yours to be sure.

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