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1954 parts for sale
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I have quite a few 1954 Cadillac parts I have collected over the past few years. I either thought I needed them and didn't or they are the original parts that I have replaced. You pay shipping on any purchase. If you have questions about fitment with other years, I'll be glad to look things up in my parts books.  Will send more pics on request.

Windshield washer jar, bracket,lid and vacuum assembly. Does not work, I tried to rebuild it and couldn't. Comes with the rebuild kit I was using. Original parts $60.

AC Fuel filter glass bowl and assembly. Original AC part, works fine. $40

NOS motor mounts. Some surface rust from sitting on the shelf. The rubber is in great shape $75

Original backup light lenses. One is good, one not so much. $20 for the pair.

Heat riser tube and cover plate. Original parts, good shape $20

Water pump casting 1461288. It will need to be re-sleeved due to some wear from the shaft..Was sandblasted, has some surface rust from sitting. Comes with a full rebuild kit. $125

Intake manifold- sandblasted, real nice piece, surface rut from sitting. $100

Exhaust manifolds, sandblasted, now has some surface rust. One has a well done braize repair you can see in the photos $60 each, $100 for the pair

Valve covers. Solid and straight. Yes, I know they are Ford Blue, not my fault! $100 for the pair.

Passenger door chrome bezel with window switch $50

Steering wheel and horn ring - minus the horn button. Great shape, wheel grip shows only very slight shrinkage. $175 firm for the pair

Voltage regulator. Original part, may or may not need to be rebuilt. Was working, but I replaced during a full service. $25

Oil line: This is the one from the bottom of the oil filter assembly to to filler tube. Original part, good shape. I had to replace the other one, so I replaced both with stainless. $20

I also have 6 1954 hubcaps, all in driver condition with various dings etc. 4 without center caps. I don't have pictures at the moment. I'll get some to you if you are interested.

Thanks, Bob
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1954 parts, part 2
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More pictures
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