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1955 and 1956 AMT Cadillac promotional model cars

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I have a number of vintage original 1955 and 1956 AMT Cadillac promotional model cars for sale. They are in varying condition and would range in price from $40 to $150 each, U.S. These are the model cars that dealerships sometimes gave to the children of prospective buyers. They are highly detailed, licensed and I believe cast in 1:25th scale (about 8 - 9 inches long), out of a cellulose acetate based plastic. No boxes. I believe all are Coup de Villes (don't think other models were offered then), in various 2 tone shades. Will post on the main Forum but thought I would first post here as these are all mid-century originals and tough to find. A nice addition to your collection. PM me if interested and I will snap some photos. Clay/Lexi

I miss out by one year! Would love a 54 CDV model. Phil 

Phil finding 1950s Cad models used to be rough sledding. Is a bit better now with all the interest in die cast retro car model collecting. I have been told that 1955 was the first year for these AMT promotional Cadillac models. Thought years ago I saw an early '50s Cad promo, but can't say for sure. May not have been AMT either. I am not a toy guy so perhaps someone can chime in on this. The rarest models were the battery operated ones, again both available in 1955 and 1956. Was told that some dealers even sold them as well as 5 and 10 cent stores as the licensing agreement was rather vague on such. See rare period ad below. I have seen a '54 Cad model for sale, think it was smaller (1/43rd scale I think), is new, and worth some $600 U.S. See pic. Have a hunt on Ebay. Can't remember the manufacturers name but he does high quality builds. Seem to recall seeing a '54 Limo as well. These are new models cashing in on the public's interest in old cars and retro auto art. The ones I am selling are from 1955 and 1956. Clay/Lexi

Thanks Clay, I must admit to not knowing a lot about the promotional models. It would be an original model rather than a new one I would like to buy. But if they never existed that will save me from spending my hard earned money! Phil

Roger Zimmermann:
Phil, I have some early promotional models. Don't buy them as the plastic from that time is not stable at all; the shape is disappointing.


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