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Re: Back to my smoking issue >:(
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Well after a few lost weekends with weather delays and changing wrenches from SAE to metric due to my wife Z3 car having an airbag warning  >:( , I finally had some spare time to pickup with my project.

I starter her again today and after a quick warmup it started to smoke again, oh not again  >:( >:(.  I realized my carb idle screws were all the way in, after getting them about 1-1/2 turns out all when well. Finally no more smoke “happy days are here again..!”

Still need to do more carb adjustment and getting the timing in, hopping for next weekend.   :)

I did hear what it sound like a lifter tapping on the left side  ??? would need to see how that goes next time, for the time I’m happy my project can continue and hoping to have it done soon.
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