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Driver's heater
« on: August 05, 2018, 03:50:17 AM »
Hi guys,
Is there a vent tube that mounts to the heater box to direct heat onto the driver's feet? I have the outlet but it just looks like there should be some sort of plastic tube that would direct the heat onto the driver's feet.
Would this also be the case for the front seat passenger or does it just come out of the slits in the heater box?

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Re: Driver's heater
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Here is my heater box.. there is an output in an L shape, but nothing connected to that output

On passenger side there is just a small opening with nothing connected there
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Re: Driver's heater
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I took my old heater out and put in Vintage Air. There were no nozzles on the heater box, just the openings as shown by Ramses.
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Re: Driver's heater
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Yep! That's what mine has!
It surprises me that Cadillac didn't make vent tubes to direct the heat to the driver's and passenger's feet yet there's vents running to the rear passengers which we don't find in many other cars of that era.
Cheers for the pics and info guys!