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Re: 1957 CDV Brake Job - Assistance
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Well, I had my son help me bleed them the old fashioned way yesterday... Spent about 2 hours going through the whole process (multiple times). Each time it gets a bit better, but not enough to feel safe driving it yet. Both bleeders on the booster have fluid pump out when the  pedal is pumped. And I can tell the fluid is moving through the lines as I'm checking and keeping the fluid reservoir filled as it get's low with each bleed. I'm just baffled, from my understanding the way this type of brake system should work is you should have pressure regardless of the working order of the booster, so it make me think the MC is still not fixed.. I was hoping to have her put back together this weekend as the weather will be perfect for cruising, but alas I think she's in for a long winters nap trying to figure this one out.
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Re: 1957 CDV Brake Job - Assistance
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Maybe try this:

1.) disconnect and plug the line from the booster and then bleed the booster.
2.) reconnect the line from the booster start with the farthest wheel ( right rear) then left rear, right front and finally left front.

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Re: 1957 CDV Brake Job - Assistance
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SUCCESS! So I spent a lot of time yesterday racking my brain on this, and I finally said to myself that when the master cylinder was rebuilt something was not done correctly based on what the symptoms were. So I tore into it and found that one of the rubber seals/boots/cups whatever they're called was flipped. This was in turn not allowing any pressure to be built up. I swapped it out, put it back on the car and bled the system, again.  And Viola! I had brakes. I took it for a spin around the block and I think I'll need to bleed them one more time and do some adjustments on the wheels themselves, but I am so glad it's fixed. After I called the shop that rebuilt it for me and let them know the heartache they caused me. Turns out, the man that rebuilt it is 88 years old and has been doing rebuilds for more than 50 years, but his eyesight is going. He got on the phone and apologized profusely about the problem and said if I ever have anymore trouble to bring it in and he'll do any repair work on it for no charge. I felt it was an honest mistake and no harm done, and it's all good now.  I'm just happy that I have her back and drivable again.
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