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1956 Bracket spark plug wire and coil mount
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I need help in identifying a couple of parts as well as there proper use. Can anyone identify whether this is the correct spark plug wire bracket for a 1956 365 engine & is it installed correctly? I realize that it needs the spark plug wire grommets. I imagine that the throttle return spring hooks into the small hole on the bracket, driver side, (tiny hole farthest from camera).

Also, and more puzzling at least to me, there is an off-square metal plate that the wire bracket is attached to, bolted to the rear of the intake manifold, (see pic). It is a platform that extends the upper surface area of the intake manifold to facilitate mounting the coil and spark plug wire bracket (I believe). The two smaller holes (apparently) accept the coil mounting bracket perfectly, (see 2 small screws but no coil mounted yet). I have never seen one of these metal plates before. Is it a later year modification or just something that often got discarded over the years, or from a different year that just happened to fit the 1956 intake manifold? Or is this some previous owners one-off idea of an improvement. It sure looked original prior to painting and appears to have been factory made with a high degree of precision.

These pieces were missing from my car and I am trying to put everything back to original during my engine rebuild. Thanks for any assistance provided. Clay/Lexi
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Re: 1956 Bracket spark plug wire and coil mount
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That looks to be the correct plug wires bracket and you are correct the small hole is where the carb throttle return spring hooks.   ;)

The flat plate that one could well be an aftermarket/hand made possible to keep the heat from the ignition coil.   ???
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Re: 1956 Bracket spark plug wire and coil mount
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I thought about that, keeping heat away from the coil. I have had perhaps 8 '56 intake manifolds over the years and looked at a bunch of cars and not seen such a mounting plate before. I shall have to place my carb over the mounting studs to see if the plate has to be flipped to ensure no contact is made with the coil. About all I can say is that the plate appears to have been made for that purpose, for this intake manifold. Just not sure by whom. It came off a car that had a single Carter carburetor. Thanks Jose! Clay/Lexi