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I am hoping to find out more about this 1958 Cadillac custom.  One of our local community members purchased this vehicle within the last year at a Barrett Jackson auction for his private car collection which will soon be open to the public.  I am assisting him with finding out as much as I can about the cars in his collection.  All we know on this particular vehicle is it was designed as a one-off coach-built interpretation of Harley Earl's vision of a true American luxury sport roadster. We do not know anything about former owner/owners and when it may have been built.  I am hoping that someone in the mid-century group may have seen this car before and have some information about it, or who I might contact to find out.  Thanks, Doug

I remember seeing this car on a page from an event for the Mt Hood CLC Chapter.

Maybe you they could help with some info. 


I found this from back in 2012. Some guy Dave said he was the owner and wrote...

Link to the discussion,

Another thread on the car here. It looks like it was first offered for sale on ebay. Then it went to an auction house and finally B-J.


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